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Writer's Block: Fairest one of all [03 Jul 2011|06:24pm]
What is something you would never want to change about yourself?

That I can laugh about almost anything. Sometimes it seems wrong but to that I think "meh, lol".
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A question for everyone - whether or not we talk and whatnot. [08 May 2011|10:50pm]
Would you be romantically involved with someone who uses a wheelchair?* Feel free to comment anonymously.

*Just to elaborate: This person is someone that you get along with excellently and/or is attractive by your standards. They just so happen to also use a wheelchair. What does that make you think/feel? Are there any if/buts such as "yes but only if X" or "no, unless X".

I'm actually hoping for some in-depth answers here, so just throwing that extra few sentences out there.

EDIT: I think the following might be a better question.

Would a wheelchair make someone unattractive to you, who you find otherwise attractive.

(Similar but different).

By the way, nobody is going to be offended by anything said.
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[18 Feb 2011|03:04am]
I do not like these describe me memes, but the person on my list who posted it mentioned being glad that nobody else did... now I feel compelled to.

Leave a ONE WORD comment (anonymously or not) that you think best describes me. It can only be one word. No more than one word. Then copy & paste this post to your own journal so I can leave a word about you.
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[30 Jan 2011|11:23pm]
[ mood | silly ]


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friends only. [19 Dec 2010|09:26pm]
If you add me send a comment so that I know :)
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Writer's Block: Ice cream isn't cutting it [08 Nov 2010|03:44pm]
How long does it take to recover from a broken heart? Is it better to jump back into dating or spend time alone?

This question implies that you eventually do recover. That's good to know.
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Writer's Block: Knowledge is power [25 Aug 2010|08:05pm]
What subject you like to become more knowledgeable about, and why?

There are so many answers to this question. I shall answer it in the form of a list:

Self sufficiency

There's a few which immediately came to mind. Sometimes I feel like there is so much to learn in and from life, that sleep feels like a waste of time (yes, then I am too fatigued to learn anything at all).
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Writer's Block: Remember that time… [14 Aug 2010|12:00am]
What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you as a child? Are you still embarrassed whenever you think about it?

I was generally an embarrassed child, so any moment that attention was paid to me, I felt quite horrible (and so it remains to this day).

One example of this being amplified to a mortifying level was playing one of the vultures in the school's adaptation of Jungle Book. I had just the one line, along with an action (something about getting in the swing of things). Ugh, it was horrible. People laughed. It was supposed to be funny but I wanted the ground to swallow me nonetheless.
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Writer's Block: Prone to puns [10 Jun 2010|05:02pm]
How would you describe your sense of humor in six words or less?

Self-deprecating, rude, crude and inappropriate.
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Writer's Block: Tolerance 101? [29 Apr 2010|05:28pm]
If you could create/select a new subject that had to be taught in high school, what would it be, and why?

Independent thought and also how to recognise, harness and nurture latent abilities.
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New leaf. [01 Nov 2009|12:53am]
As a sort of symbolic act, I decided to make all of my existing journal entries private. Astrologically, the 29th marked an important day. Funnily enough, several subtle yet important changes occurred as Saturn moved on; things that I had been eagerly anticipating for quite some time.

Once I reach the end of this seemingly endless time of recovery, I will use this space more creatively. I have numerous little projects half finished which I am itching to complete. Another intention is to heal from the emotional aspect of the past few years in a creative way. I have several ideas for that. Until the time is right though, I won't attempt to begin that or I shall only end up with more frustration and resentment to rid myself of.

There were three options for my journal. The prospect of trawling through each and every entry and changing the privacy setting was unappealing, as was the idea of deleting the account. For £3 and a few pence I got two months paid membership, which unlocks the privacy feature that enables you to change the privacy setting of all entries at the same time. As they say in Essex, "sorted mate".

Hell, I may even leave this entry public to mark my fresh start.

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